Eatte Bank Information

This article is centered on how to Add/Manage bank account. You can find the settings under Dashboard > Delivery & Catering > Bank info. Here you can add your bank information as shown in the video and in the images below. Additionally, you can change your bank information and edit it from this tab.

From the Main Dashboard, you go to the Delivery & Catering Subheading and then click on Bank Info.
Then, this page will appear. Here you can see that there is already a Bank Information set up on the left. The right hand side is to Change Bank or add New Bank Account Information.
If you want to add New Bank Account information you start to fill up the fields according to what it asks.
  • Account Holder Name
  • Account Holder Type
  • Bank Name
  • Account Number
  • Account Routing

After adding all the information click on Save Changes, this will allow the system to make the change and apply it to your account. 

After clicking on the Save Changes button, your new account information will now be on the left hand side. 



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