Eatte Branch Management

This article address Branch Management on the Eatte website. You can find this from the main dashboard -> under Delivery and Catering -> Locations. The following features will be shown in this article.
– How to add new branch
– How to edit branch
– How to edit branch name and other information about the Branch
-Delivery Service Area
– Fees Settings
– POS (Point Of Sale) Settings
– Category Description Settings
– Decline Order Message
– Sound repeat in new orders view
– Opening Days, Time and orders times
– close temporary

This is the main page for the Branch/Location Settings. From here you can add a new branch/location, close temporary the locations you have akready, and edit/delete a location.

This is the Add New Branch/Location page. From here you will add the new branch by filling out the fields below.

Now, here we have the Opening Days, Time and orders times. This can be manually set by the user or you can use the same for all days.

Then, you click Save and the new branch has been added to your system.

January 13, 2022
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