Eatte Menu Management

This article will address Menu Management on the Eatte website. To find the Menu Management page, navigate to staff board that will show you the main dashboard then > menus > menus from the top menu bar on the dashboard. The features that will be shown are:
– name menu
– add menu items ( categories and items )
– menu status
– choose a branch for the menu to appear
– menu availability
– save menu
– delete menu

This is the home page for the Menu section. From here you can edit the menu that you have available in your branches and add a new menu for all branches or just a specific branch. If only one menu is used, then it will be shown at all times and it will be available in all branches.

After editing all the fields, click on the Save Changes button to save the menu you were working on. If you want to add a new menu, click on New Menu on the top left corner  and this popup will appear. You will fill all fields shown above for the new menu and click save when you are finished with it.

January 27, 2022
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