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This article covers the Orders section of the Eatte website. Here you will learn how to approve/cancel/create/edit an order. You can find the orders section on the top menu of the dashboard as Orders. 

This is the orders main page. From here you can use the filters in the top menu to find a specific order from a specific branch.

To edit an order or decline one, go to the actions button shown below where you can get the details of the order, edit the order, print the label for the order or decline the order.

This is the edit order tab, from where you can change the addons on the order, add more meals or the quantity of the items on the order.

To add a meal to the order, click on the add meal button on the top right. This menu will appear from where in the dropdown menu you will select the meal that is going to be added to the order.

Once you have chosen a meal to be added it will be added directly to the order and from there you can edit everything for the meal itself.

Once you have finished editing the meal and the order, click Save Changes. 

After you have clicked save, this menu will appear in which you will choose one of the two options shown below. After choosing the option click save and the order will have been edited.

This is the new orders menu, where new orders will be found. It can be found on the main menu bar, the first selection. From this menu you can add an order manually, select the branch, and choose to auto accept orders or not.

When you click Add Order the following menu will appear, so you can choose a customer.

After filling out the fields required to add the new customer, you will click on Select.

After that, the meal dropdown menu will appear from which you will choose what meal the customer wants.

Once the meal has been added correctly and edited, you will click on Calculate and Save to save the order and enter it to the system.

After saving, the payment selection page will appear, from where you will enter the Credit/Debit card information or if the order will be paid in cash select Use Cash. If the order will be paid later then select Pay Later. After entering all the payment information click Select and the order will be saved and entered into the system succesfully.


January 13, 2022
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