Eatte Style Settings

This article will let you know how the Style Settings work in Eatte and how to edit them. Also where you can find it. You can find the Style Settings from Dashboard > click on gear icon on the top right corner ( this will show all the settings ) > from the dropdown menu choose > Style Settings. From this page you can:
– change site logo
– change logo size
– site logo link url
– change main color
– change hover color

Once you have gone to the gear icon (settings icon) in the top right corner, this page will appear in which from the dropdown menu you will select Style Settings.

Then we will land on this page, which is the Style Settings page. From here you can edit all your style settings according to what you want.

First you can change the logo from where it says choose file and upload a file from your computer or use a picture from the internet and copy the URL and paste it into the field that says site Logo LINK URL. 

After you have chosen your Site Logo, you can choose the Main color and Hover color of your website. From the color wheel you can select the color you would like for your Eatte website.

After choosing the Main color you click on Hover color and do the same and choose from the color wheel.

When you are done with the choosing the colors you would like, you click on the button that says Save Changes.

All your changes have been saved succesfully and you can now exit the Style Settings page.

January 27, 2022
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