Eatte Tips Management

In this article we will follow on how the Tips Management page works and how to add tips how to edit and delete and the options. You can find it under Delivery and Catering > Tips management.

First, on your Dashboard you go to the Delivery and Catering section. Then you click on the Tips Management section which will take you to the Tips and Management page.

Next, on the Tips and Management page you can see the different tips percentages that have been added. You can also search for a specific tips percentage on the list on the top right bar.

To add a new Tips Percetage you click on the orange button that says Add New Tips Percentage +.

Here there are two fields that need to be filled. First the Tips Percentage (%) that you would like to include, and if you want the New Tips Percentage to be the default (it is automatically selected on Checkout).

When you have filled in the fields you click on the button that says Save Changes.

Your changes have been saved succesfully and the new tips percentage has been added to your system and has been set to be the default as we have selected.

January 27, 2022
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