Eatte User Management

This article will talk about User Management in the Eatte website. You can find it in Dashboard > top menu > users. We will address how to edit/delete a user, add a new user with its data and how to manage users.

This is the add user page. From here you can add a new user to the system. Fill in the fields to then continue on to the next section.

Next is the Restaurant Online Order & Catering tab. From here you can choose the access that the user has in the system. If the user is allowed to view reports for example or if the user can have access to the Kitchen.

Now, we move on to the All Users page. Here you can view all the users in the system and edit or delete the users. You can also add a user and repeat the same steps as before.

You can edit/delete a user from the Actions button. Then you will have to edit the fields as if you were creating a new user, shown above.

January 27, 2022
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